Inspiring exchange with Ms. Hanna Markovich

A small spark is enough to ignite the never ending fire. Travelers are always in search of such spark which motivates them to explore the beyond.

Ms. Hanna Markovich is one such influencer in the world of traveling. She started traveling at a very young age and had never stopped after that. Having explored many countries, music festivals and even the creatures such as octopus, she inspires us all to start this never-ending journey of traveling.

I had a chance to interview her and get some insights about her passion. I am sharing it with you all here.

1) How did you discover your love/passion for traveling?

I discovered my love & passion for traveling when I took my first trip overseas with my mom to Europe. Being surrounded by a whole new culture gave me so many emotions including one of wanderlust. I was so intrigued on discovering more of the world and the people who lived in it.

2) Can you share your best traveling experience and what made it best?

My best traveling experience? That’s a tough one. I’d have to say my spontaneous snorkeling adventure in Les Calanques just West of Marseille. My friend Katie had recently met this guy and he had tons of snorkeling gear. All three of us went on a nice sunny day cliff jumping and just doing some snorkeling. Out of nowhere Flo (Katie’s new friend) disappeared under the water for a bit and came back up with an octopus. I had never imagined seeing one up close never mind touching one. It was just amazing and wasn’t really planned at all. I think that’s one of my favorite things with traveling, the spontaneity, and unplanned adventures.

3) Can you share your top three favorite travel destinations and why are they your favorite?

1. Tuscany Region in Italy.

I loved the Tuscany Region in Italy because it’s a lot more quaint than the bigger cities. Not to mention the beauty of the region. I stayed in a small rural area called Lucca and the city had a wall around it most of the streets were only accessible by walking or biking and it was just lovely. Everyone was so friendly and I just felt at home.

2. Paris, France

Although Paris is huge in tourism I can’t help but love it. I’ve been there twice and I enjoyed it the same if not more the second time being there. It just has so many staple attractions that leave you breathless whether it be the Louvre or the Eiffel Tour.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona was amazing, it’s full of art and hidden beauties. Not to mention the food is delicious. The weather was great when I was there and we saw some amazing architecture.

4) Your top three advice to any new traveler?

Always keep an open mind.

As for trusting as you always keep your belongings on you or locked away.

Be spontaneous.

I hope that this interview helped you to follow your passion. You can also check out her blog here Not Just a Passport Stamp.