Techno friend hand holding Baby Boomers in digital world

A smartphone today has more power than NASA’s space mission to the moon in 1969. Every year, more than 200 new products with innovative technology are launched. These products come with a 50 page 8 point font operating manual, synchronizing capabilities and countless upgrade options. The tech industry is evolving at an incredible rate and with it bringing chaos for consumers.

In this chaos, lives the Baby Boomer generation, who grew up without mobile phones and Internet. They want to use these gadgets to makes their life easier, but struggle to cope with the technology bombardment. Most of them live alone or do not have anyone to help support them. Fortunately, Geek Squad has found a solution to calm the tech chaos.


Geek Squad services at Best Buy support individuals across generations for all the technology products. Different services are available based on the type of the product. The types of services are,

Setup: The Geek Squad agent explains about the product in detail, sets up and makes product ready to use;

Support: 24×7 online support is provided for any problem;

Protection: In addition to the company warranty, geek squad provides extended protection through warranty;

Repair: Any product, any damage is repaired in this one stop service, which can also be accessed sitting at home. There is no need to maintain separate warranties for all the products, just Geek Squad service is enough.

Terrence, a Geek Squad agent, identified the most common problems which Baby Boomers face today, software issues. He remembers when he sold a computer and next day the guy came back with a laptop full of viruses and had no clue what to do. “People do not know how to stop getting virus in their laptops and end up loosing their costly laptops” says Terrence


Terrence-Geek Squad Agent

“If you do not know anything, you go to library, if you are not sure about technology you Google it, but what to do if you do not know how to Google it.”

According to him most of today’s products are built with throw away technology, a tablet can cost $300 but the charging port can cost $200 to repair. People drive for an hour to come to the store for a problem, which can be solved using a single click. Problems can be as simple as not knowing how to switch on Bluetooth in a device because few people have not grown in that realm of technology.

“If you do not know anything, you go to library, if you are not sure about technology you Google it, but what to do if you do not know how to Google it,” said Terrence. “Geek Squad bridges the technology gap for the older generation. It makes them confident to play with the technology with strong backing of Geek Squad.”

Geek squad’s future is moving away from all hardware repairs and focusing more on educating people about the new technology. Terrence offered three tips for the Baby Boomers to maintain their devices better which are staying on the top of new developments, adapt to new technology because it makes the life easier and finally not to ignore small problems in your device but getting it checked regularly.

Geek Squad is available on any device.Simply ask a sales agent at any Best Buy store. It is transforming lives of Baby Boomers bringing them closer to technology. To learn more please visit Best Buy Geek Squad.