‘Right or Wrong’ – You Decide

‘Beware of the half truth, you may have gotten hold of half wrong’ – Anonymous

My friend told me the other day that wife of our common friend is cheating on him and he saw her with another person. My instant reaction will be shocked and I will message few other common friends about it. Me and my friends may start reacting without even investigating.

There are at least two sides of every issue. Always people prefer to tell you the spicier or interesting side of the story, may be right or wrong. Unusual side of any issue is reported first to gather people’s or media attention. And this is the time where controversies start.

Everyone knows about the case of ‘Chili Finger’ at Wendy’s. Claims of human body parts turning up in food products is the most horrifying issue for a food joint. On the evening of 22 March 2005, Anna Ayala, a 39-year-old was dining at a San Jose outlet of the Wendy’s fast food restaurant chain when she discovered a human finger in her bowl of chili.


She broke mentally and was under deep pain describing crunchy stuff in her mouth. Health authorities checked and confirmed that the finger was real. Media went crazy, everyone started blaming Wendy’s and the food chain suffered hugely in reputation. People started sympathising with her.

What would you have done? One side of the issue looks very interesting.

Wendy’s offered $50,000 reward for information on origin of the finger. Police investigated and finally determined the mysterious finger came from an associate of her husband. In September 2005 Ayala and her husband, Jaime Placencia, pled guilty to conspiring to file a false claim and attempted grand theft.

There are numerous cases where what you hear or see is not true. You must hear both sides of the issue and then make your own decision.