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Taj Mahal, Gol Gumbaj, Red Fort! Wondering what I am talking about? Yes, these are the greatest historical monuments of India, the country where I belong and which has gifted me with the art of traveling.

I am Rikin Sonani and I have been exploring the world since I was 12. I took adventurous trips, made funny videos and captured amazing photographs. This never ending passion of exploring unveiled places in the world was inherited from my father, who is a true nomad.

Travelling is more than visiting any place, living in a hotel or boarding a flight. You can enjoy the world with fewer resources and with an attitude of a kid.I want to help you to travel the world and experience every moment of it.

While traveling I discovered my second passion in cooking. It is incredible to see how spices here and there, ooze out magical flavors in a single bowl. Cooking has always excited me.

From my blog, you can expect quick tips to plan your travel, experience local food, clothing, transport, connecting to locals by learning new languages and a lot more.

All of these experiences will come with the least resources. Let’s start and embrace the world.


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